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Our website is dedicated to our daily walks in nature. We have posted our sightings in our journals which can be found in the Archives. The photos in the journals are not necessarily our best but of interest to us; we hope you will find them interesting as well. Mostly, we just want to share the beauty of nature with you through our photos and stories.

"2017 Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve Calendar"

We are happy to announce the new Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve 2017 Calendar is available at the Rotary Interpretive Gift Shop. All of the photos in this calendar were taken at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. All proceeds go to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve Society.

New Link Added

We have added a link, on our links page, to a new, very impressive, beautifully composed, comprehensive guide to Britain’s Birds. We would recommend it to anyone who would like a high quality birding book for all of Britain. http://press.princeton.edu/titles/10715.html

“A Walk in the Park”

We have a book of photos from some of our local areas. “A Walk in the Park” is available through a self-publishing company called Blurb; you can find a preview by clicking on the book cover above. This book is printed on “sustainably sourced” premium paper with library binding giving it a beautiful quality.

“Addressing Nature”

We have another smaller book on plain white paper entitled “Addressing Nature, A Time and A Place” which is a compilation of some of our favourite areas we have visited in Western Canada and Western United States. Click on the book cover above to see a preview of this book at Blurb.

Other Books

Click on the book above, to go to our Author’s Bookstore Tab at Blurb to see choices of a notebook, sketchbook, daily planner, an Image Wrap version of “A Walk in the Park” and a small book "A Short Walk in the Park" with exerpts from "A Walk in the Park".

We'd love to hear from you. Contact Us at butterflyphoto@shaw.ca

We are not authorities on birds, wildlife, plants, cameras or photography, if you are doing research on any subjects, please refer to a more educational site for advice and double-check whatever you research.


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