April, 2011

Sardis Park
April 7th to 12th 2011

We took a couple of afternoon walks at Sardis Park on the 7th and 12th when the weather gave us a bit of sunshine.

A Cackling Goose was a bit of a surprise as we usually expect them to have migrated north by now.

We watched a male and female Canada Goose making a nest. The male was guarding the female and nest while she wandered along picking up dry leaves and small twigs to put on her nest. She was very efficient as she piled the makings of her nest behind her as she walked along. She then went back to her small piles and moved them closer to the nest until they were all piled upon the nest. No wasted time moving each piece back to the nest and finally, she settled on her nest with her mate on guard.

There were eight Greater White-fronted Geese grazing on the grass as we walked along.

American Coots were still visiting the pond.

Cherry Blossoms and Azalea blooms were a welcome sight.

A couple of Pied-billed Grebes were seen.

There were quite a few Mallards as usual.

A Male Pintail was sleeping, tired from its flight.

Scaups were seen as well as Northern Shovelers.

The native Western Painted Turtles and the introduced Red-eared Slider Turtles were sunning on logs.

The few remaining American Wigeon had three male and a couple of female Eurasian Wigeons visiting with them. This is the most Eurasian Wigeon that we have ever seen at Sardis Park.

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