October 2022

October 5th to 8th 2022

We enjoyed our usual walks at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Two Beavers were seen near the East Bird Blind.

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Golden-crowned Sparrows were near the Rotary Interpretive Centre feeders.

Great Blue Herons were seen.

Anna’s Hummingbirds were seen on two different days.

Mallards were seen most days.

The Sun was slightly hidden by smoky skies.

Spotted Towhees showed up, most days.

Spider webs were seen on many plants.

White-crowned Sparrows were seen near the Rotary Interpretive Centre feeders.

Wood Ducks were seen every day, even on smoke filled mornings.

October 05 Foggy/Smoky/Sunny 47F (08C) Afternoon 82F (28C)
October 06 Foggy/Sunny 47F (08C) Afternoon 87F (31C)
October 07 Foggy/Smoky/Sunny 62F (17C) Afternoon 90F (32C)
October 08 Foggy/Smoky/Sunny 48F (09C) Afternoon 87F (31C)

It was nice to see Jody and Patti with Jasper, Sellie, Zuma, Bailey and Penny, Camille, Helmut during our walks.

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